Current research groups at FLI


Stephan Diekmann - Molecular biology

Mammalian nuclear complexes: the centromere/kinetochore complex and PML bodies  » more


Christoph Englert - Molecular genetics

Molecular mechanisms of organ development: the urogenital system  » more


Maria Ermolaeva - Stress tolerance & homeostasis

Stress tolerance and homeostasis in aging and disease  » more


Matthias Görlach - Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy

Structural basis of biomolecular interactions related to ageing processes and disease development  » more


Frank Große - Biochemistry/Protein laboratory

Genomic instability, p53 & cellular ageing  » more


Christoph Kaether - Membrane trafficking

Membrane trafficking of proteins involved in Alzheimer's Disease, of novel sorting receptors and of signalling proteins  » more


Hans Kestler

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology of Aging  » more


Helen Morrison - Molecular mechanisms involved in cancer development

Tumour biology: regulation and function of Ras and Ras like small GTPases  » more


Matthias Platzer - Genome analysis

Genomics of complex diseases, ageing and model organisms  » more


Aspasia Ploubidou - Virus-induced oncogenesis

Molecular analysis of cytoskeletal function and dysfunction, in the pathogenesis of virus-induced human cancer  » more


Karl Lenhard Rudolph - Molecular mechanisms of stem cell aging

Functional genomic analysis and forward genetic screens for the identification of longevity genes influencing stem cell function  » more


Manuel E. Than - Protein crystallography

Structure function relationship of proteins central to neurodegenerative diseases, aging and proteolytic (pro)protein processing  » more


Julia von Maltzahn

Stem cells in regeneration of skeletal muscle  » more


Zhao-Qi Wang - Genomic stability

DNA damage signaling, DNA repair, cell cycle control, apoptosis and tumorigenesis; studied using cellular and animal models  » more


Falk Weih - Immunology

The NF-κB signal transduction pathway in development and dysfunction of the immune system  » more


Last update: May 4, 2015


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