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Authors: Valeska Dressler, Gerhard Müller, Torsten Thalheim, Jürgen Sühnel

Biocomputing Group Leibniz Institute for Age Research - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI),
(formerly known as Institute of Molecular Biotechnology - IMB)
Beutenbergstr. 11 , D-07745 Jena / Germany

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CombiTool is a Microsoft Windows program designed for the analysis of combination experiments with biologically active agents. It performs model calculations and an analysis of experimental combination effects for two or three agents according to both the Loewe additivity (dose-additivity) and Bliss independence (independence) criteria. Zero-interation response surfaces are calculated from single-agent dose-response relations and then compared to experimental data. The calculation of Loewe additivity surfaces is based on a new approach which combines the implicit definition equation in terms of doses alone with single-agent dose-response relations. The simultaneous analysis of experimental data according to both Loewe additivity and Bliss independence within one program can hopefully contribute to a better understanding of meaning and limits of the two criteria. CombiTool has a built-in graphics facility which allows for the direct visualization of response surfaces and contour plots (isobolograms).

CombiTool is described in the paper

V. Dressler, G. Müller, J. Sühnel
Computers and Biomedical Research 1999, 32, 145-160
CombiTool - A New Computer Program for Analyzing Combination Experiments with Biologically Active Agents. [PubMed][Journal] [PDF]

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