Prof. Dr. Karl Otto Greulich
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Short curriculum vitae:    Study of Physics and PhD untl 1976 at University of Heidelberg Germany
1981/82 Europ. Mol Biol Lab Heidelberg **** 1982/83 Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot Israel, Group of Heini Eisenberg
1984 - 1992 Co founder (with Jürgen Wolfrum) and Head of Laser Biology Lab (LABIO) University Heidelberg
1992 Dept. Head Inst Mol Biotech Jena *****1993 also: Prof. of Biophysics Friedrich Schiller Univ Jena
1999 Author, 2007 editor (with M.W.Berns) of books on laser microbeams and optical tweezers
Board member CHEMPHYSCHEM  until end of 2011 and CURR PHARM BIOTECH
Board member for the conference series   "Laser in Life Sciences"    and    "The Nature of Light: What are Photons (SPIE) "
March 2012 retired as group leader 

Tel: 49 3641 656400
Fax 49 3641 656410
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Leibniz Institute for Age Research
/ Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)

Beutenbergstr. 11

D-07745 Jena   
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