Microtubule Lab

Konrad J. Böhm

Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute e.V., Beutenbergstraße 11 , D- 07745 Jena , Germany

Phone : **49-3641-65 6161, Fax : **49-3641-65 6288



Common Research Interests: Cell biology and biochemistry of microtubules and kinesin

Conventional kinesin: an introductory overview

Microtubules and tubulin: an introductory overview



Mechanism of kinesin-dependent vesicle transport along a microtubule
(Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by the K. Dreblow and K.J. Böhm)


Electron microscopy of microtubules

Kinesin-mediated motility in cell-free environment

Research techniques

Links to cytoskeleton groups

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